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The Law Offices of Jeffrey H. Ward is a full-service law firm that provides collection litigation throughout the entire states of New Jersey and New York. We handle commercial, retail, foreclosure, student loan and subrogation claims. We also represent creditors in adversary proceedings before the United States Bankruptcy Court. Our clients include banks, insurance companies, businesses and debt buyers. We are listed on You’ve Got Claims,The National List,The General Bar,American Lawyers Quarterly,The Columbia Law List, and the Forwarders List of Attorneys.What we doUpon receipt of a file, we immediately send out a demand letter to the debtor. If requested by the client, suit can also be immediately initiated in commercial and subrogation claims. When judgment is entered, either by default, motion or after trial, we aggressively pursue collection of the judgment. Our firm is experienced in handling bank levies, real and personal property levies, sheriff sales, wage garnishments, restraining notices, information subpoenas and debtor exams. If necessary, we utilize Accurint for skip tracing to locate debtors.How we do itOur paralegals are experienced in collection practice and skip-tracing. We strictly follow the dictates of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in the collection of retail claims. We honor Commercial Law League Rates for commercial claims. Claims are accepted by mail, fax or e-mail.Our firm prides itself on excellent client service. Our policy is that client inquiries are responded to on the same day. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we may assist you.



The Law Offices of Jeffrey H. Ward has offices in Hazlet and Newark, New Jersey, and in New York City


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